Clientron Milestone

2023 Clientron Obtained ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certificate

2022 Smart Virtual Onboard Unit won the 31st Taiwan Excellence Award
Clientron and FamilyMart cooperate on "Electric Retail Vehicles"

2021 John Hsuan joined Clientron in January 2021 as Chairman

2019 All-in-one POS terminals - PST650 series won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2020
Simon Dzeng joined Clientron in November 2019 as Chairman

2018 Embedded System - IT900 won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2019

2017 Listed on the Taiwan emerging Stock Market under code 8119 (July 4th, 2017)
Thin Client - R800 won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2018

2016 All-in-one POS terminals - Bello series won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017

2015 All-in-one POS terminals - Wing350w and Ares650 won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2016

2014 Kelly Wu joined Clientron in August 2014 as President & CEO

2013 POS shipments growth of 185% over the previous year

2012 Worked with TI to develop ARM-based Thin Client demo board

2011 Added new SMT and Assembly Lines at Xiamen factory
Built a new factory in Taipei

2010 Developed ARM-based Thin Client

2009 Announced Fiber Thin Client, All-in-one POS

2008 Engagement with Intel on Intel Atom CRB M/B “Sunshine Valley”

2007 Jan. 1st, the 2 business units (Car PC, TC) spun off officially
TC business unit rename to Clientron Corp
Acquired TUL’s Thin Client business division

2006 Full lead free production established in Jan. 2006
Full range of TC production line comply with ROHS in March
Thin Client set new record as 80K shipments in May
Clientron is the leading position in Thin Client industry

2005 Beijing Hyundai adopted Car Infotainment Platform
Thin Client set new record as 35K shipments in March, 2005.
Awarded by Microsoft as its golden partner of the year ODM box type POS products

2004 Acquired ISO/TS 16949 certification among automotive-electronic suppliers in Taiwan
Received 2004 Golden Torch Award as “Excellent Manager” and “Excellent Enterprise”
DYK (KIA) and Shenyang Brilliance Automotive adopting Car Infotainment Platform
Winner of “Microsoft Partner of the Year”

2003 Received ISO 14001 certification
GM Shanghai adopted Car Infotainment Platform

2002 Shipped 25,000 Thin Clients until July

2001 Ford Taiwan adopted In-Car Infotainment platform
Strategic Alliance with SGM (Shanghai General Motors)

2000 Shipped over 12,000 Thin Client units in April, No1. in Taiwan
Received ISO QS9000 & QS9001 certifications
Established Bcom Technology Co. in Xiamen, China

1999 Acer Group joined as an IA strategic partner
Named “Symbol of Excellence Winner” for Mini-Notebook by TAITRA

1998 Launched the 1st 486 based Thin Client in the World

1997 Appointed by Microsoft as a WinCE PDA partner
Received the Award of Excellence from TAITRA for Thin Client product