Clientron Presents a Powerful POS Ares850 for AI Applications in Smart Pharmacy

As smart pharmacies use innovative AI technology to transform traditional drug purchasing behavior and provide better medication accuracy and purchasing service efficiency, they have become increasingly popular. Therefore having a powerful POS system is the first step to achieving this goal. The Clientron 15” POS system Ares850 is powered by the 12th Intel® (Alder Lake-P) Core™ processor, features an easy-to-access M.2 SSD storage design, and supports up to 32GB RAM. With the benefit of computing power, storage and RAM capacity, Ares850 is an ideal choice for smart pharmacies to run AI applications.
Challenges for Pharmacy
Pharmacies handle a variety of tasks every day, from prescription medicine, healthcare consultations, and inventory management, to countless routine tasks in daily operations. Therefore, how to avoid mistakes and maintain service quality is very important for pharmacy staff and pharmacists. Through the application of artificial intelligence, POS systems can help pharmacists accurately dispense prescriptions for customers, simplify the checkout process, and improve service reliability.
Ares850 focuses on AI Applications
The POS system Ares850 is designed with high-efficiency computing capabilities to efficiently run program algorithms and artificial intelligence applications, such as drug identification systems and self-service artificial intelligence health advisors.


Drug Identification System
The drug identification system uses cameras to detect drugs and then inspect the accuracy of the drugs through the AI identification system. The computing power of Ares850 allows the AI system to learn and optimize the identification process, assist pharmacists in dispensing medications, significantly reduce the possibility of human errors, and complete the drug checkout process efficiently.

Ares850 Intel processor

AI Health Consultant
The AI health consultant system will ask you some symptom questions based on your past medication records, and then recommend the medications you need. Finally, you can purchase directly on the self-service POS system. Ares850 can be easily transformed into a self-service POS checkout system because it has rich I/O ports to add various peripherals (barcode scanner, camera, RFID, etc.) and accepts multiple payment methods (credit card, mobile payment, e-wallet, etc.). Most importantly, the powerful next-generation Intel® CPU enables Ares850 to execute the AI health consultant system flawlessly.



Smart Pharmacy using Ares850
For decades, Clientron has been committed to developing POS systems that meet the needs of market trends. Ares850 enables pharmacy owners to create innovative ways for smart pharmacy transformation by installing AI applications into POS systems. Today, smart pharmacies can better understand customer behavior and provide customers with more precise and personalized services. For more information about Ares850, please visit Clientron's website at:


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