Clientron Garners the Prestigious 2024 Taiwan Excellence Award for Innovative Smart eCockpit of Electric Vehicle

Clientron (TW code: 8119), a pioneer automotive electronics enterprise, has been honored with the "2024 Taiwan Excellence Award" for its groundbreaking "Smart eCockpit of Electric Vehicle." The award ceremony took place on December 6 in Taipei City, where Clientron's innovative product stood out among 948 participating entries. The award, akin to the Oscars of Taiwan Industries, meticulously selects high-quality and innovative products that meet the highest standards. Clientron's success, rooted in advanced research and integrated technologies, secures its consecutive win and solidifies its position as a frontrunner in the automotive electronics industry.
Clientron Smart eCockpit features Taiwan's domestic chips at its core; this revolutionary system seamlessly integrates independent technology solutions from both upstream and downstream sectors in Taiwan, offering a wide-ranging suite of features such as the Smart Meter Cluster System, Vision Assistance System, Steering Wheel Control, E-shifter, vehicle control/diagnosis, infotainment systems, and C-V2X applications. At the heart of this innovation is the modular/platform design architecture, with Software Defined Hardware (SDH) serving as the design core. This forward-looking approach empowers manufacturers with the flexibility of secondary development and highly customized services, allowing for the creation of a personalized smart eCockpit that aligns with individual customer needs.
The minimalist design seamlessly blends technology and modern aesthetics, featuring a sleek, streamlined mold structure that has passed rigorous vehicle tests. Prioritizing safety, the Electric Vehicle surpasses automotive test requirements for EMC/EMI, reliability, functionality, and safety. The award-winning Smart eCockpit boasts sophisticated features - a stylish 15.6" In-Vehicle Infotainment System, a 12.3" Smart Meter Cluster, a 7" Vision Assistance System, along with Steering Wheel Control and E-shifter - engineered for high performance, stability, and quality, enhancing the overall driving experience.

The esteemed "Taiwan Excellence Award," initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is a resounding endorsement of the dedication to advancing Taiwan's global industry presence. For two consecutive years, Clientron's electric vehicle products have received acclaim from judges, highlighting the brand's commitment to "pursuing innovation, intelligent, and safety." This recognition reinforces Clientron's ethos, encapsulating a design philosophy prioritizing "technological innovation with a people-centric approach."

"Clientron has leveraged its extensive experience and system integration technology, integrating diverse industrial resources in Taiwan. This strategic approach aims to craft a smart eCockpit and driving environment, delivering innovative, secure, and reliable solutions to domestic and international automotive industries. Clientron is steadfast in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, solidifying its role as a pivotal player in delivering forward-thinking solutions for the automotive industry." – Kelly Wu, President and CEO of Clientron Corp.

The "Taiwan Excellence Award" promotes the brand spirit of "Only innovation can bring changes to life" through AI and sustainable development. Winners are elevated to the national brand team, showing Taiwan as a trustworthy global partner. The award aims to showcase innovative products as models for Taiwan's industry, demonstrating excellence and reliability on the world stage.