Welcome to Visit Clientron at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024

The annual international event - COMPUTEX Taipei 2024 is about to open!

This year, Clientron will exhibit three major themes - "Smart Cockpit of Electric Vehicle," "Secure Thin Client Solution," and "Smart Retail POS System" to comprehensively demonstrate its product development and innovations over the years.

Smart Cockpit of Electric Vehicle
Clientron's core competitiveness comes from integrating four major electrical systems(electronics, battery, motor, and electronic control), which adopts modular architecture and software-defined hardware methods for combining EV's main electrical system, including Smart Meter Cluster System, Smart Control System, BCM(Body Control Module), EPCU(Electric Powertrain Control Unit), AVAS(Acoustic Vehicle Alert System), Vision Assistance system, etc. Clientron's system integration ability will be critical for having an edge in EV's development. Clientron is ready to integrate more EV's different systems, and we will demonstrate the profound strength of multi-platform systems.

Meanwhile, we also exhibit the Smart eCockpit of Electric Bus at the booth of TADA(Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association), 4F in Hall 1, allowing visitors to experience the advanced Cockpit of electric bus.

Secure Thin Client Solution
Responding to the challenge of the hybrid workforce, Clientron, with decades of experience in manufacturing cloud endpoints, partnered with IGEL and 10ZiG to bring secure and comprehensive hybrid work to the enterprise through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service(DaaS) applications. It's time for your company to experience the flexibility and productivity of a hybrid workspace with Clientron reliable endpoint devices and great software, IGEL OS and 10ZiG.

Smart Retail POS System
Display various new models of smart POS systems, respond to various innovative services, and create a smart new retail transaction model.

We are looking forward to seeing you at COMPUTEX 2024!

Date: June 4 - 7, 2024

Clientron Booth  
R0614, 4F, Hall 2
Nangang Exhibition Center