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Clientron debuts its new flexible thin client S810 with innovative Port-on-Foot design to optimize user experience
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Clientron debuts its new flexible thin client S810 with innovative Port-on-Foot design to optimize user experience
Clientron Corp., a world-leading supplier of thin client, POS and embedded systems, is proud to unveil its new flexible thin client S810, which is based on the latest Intel® Celeron® quad core processor to enable energy-saving, performance improvement, and a better user experience. With flexible I/O expansion and multimedia capacity in virtualized environments, the S810 thin client provides outstanding media experience, power-efficient value and high security for end user computing and virtual desktops solutions.

Performance, Energy-efficiency, Security
The Clientron S810 thin client is based on the Intel® Celeron® J4105 quad-core processor, offering CPU clock speed up to 2.5GHz, 4K media support, integrated connectivity up to Gigabit Wi-Fi® and improvements in security and performance. The S810 thin client supports up to 8GB DDR4 memory and offers optional TPM 2.0 modules that are critical to providing a secure computing environment.
Flexible I/O Expansion with Innovative Port-on-Foot Design
Its basic I/O ports include dual LAN (optional fiber optic LAN), dual DisplayPort, four USB2.0 ports, two USB3.0 ports, audio ports and optional WiFi module. In addition, innovative Port-on-Foot design features a variety of I/O configurations such as parallel port, COM port or more USB ports for additional expansion.

The highlight of S810 thin client’s features:

  • Energy- efficient Intel® Celeron® J4105 quad-core processor
  • Enhanced security operation with TPM 2.0
  • Innovative Port-on-Foot design with multiple I/O configurations
  • Up to 8GB DDR4 memory
  • Supports USB 3.0 ports
  • Multimedia capacity offers dual 4K displays
  • Dual LAN (optional fiber optic LAN)
  • Optional WiFi module
  • Support all major VDI protocols
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The S810 thin client is a mainstream and valued thin client that can be adopted for banking, government, SMB office and medical care solutions. It supports major VDI protocols, including VMWare Horizon View, Citrix HDX, and Microsoft RemoteFX, to optimize the user’s virtual desktop experience. The S810 thin client supports Linux and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating systems. For more S810 details, please visit our website