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Clientron Ares650 is the Perfect Fit for the Restaurant in Australia
POS terminal - Power efficient Intel® Celeron J1900 Quad-Core 2GHz processor

With so many choices of POS systems nowadays, choosing the best one that meets specific business needs can be challenging. The restaurant in the famous Australian arena was seeking a new POS terminal with high performance and excellent quality to upgrade the system. The established brand Clientron then took on the challenge by providing them the best solution with the highly acclaimed product--Ares650.
The requirement of the restaurant is a challenge for Clientron. The restaurant needed a high-performance POS terminal to run several systems with stylish design to go with the high-end business environment. In addition, the restaurant served a wide range of food and beverage, so the POS system needed to track all the items and provide the analytical data to the restaurant’s manager.
The POS design crafted with software and hardware is the way Clientron project their products to the world. Ares650 is an eye-catching POS terminal with a unique streamlined design and could persist in harsh environments. The software can run sophisticated programs such as sales analytics, inventory management, and CRM system. Therefore, with the Ares650, you can rest assured that the restaurant will be running smoothly and beautifully every day, and the benefits of adopting it are far beyond your expectation.
Clientron Ares650 all-in-one POS terminal - Ultra-slim panel design
Ultra-slim panel design

Your Hardware, Shinning Right Away
With the ultra-slim fanless design for shinning appearance, the Ares650 is equipped with Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad-Core 2GHz processor to run multiple tasks and is easy to install anywhere with the VESA mount standard. The Ares650 OS supports all mainstream systems such as POSReady7/ Linux/ Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, so you don’t need to learn or get used to any new system. Just plugin and redefine your business right away.
Start Sales Analysis
Regardless of the industry, data analytics is the name of the game. For the restaurant, it would be necessary to gather all the data from each service to generate helpful insights for the business operation. The Ares650 is built with DDR RAM up to 16 GB, which allows multiple programs to run on the system at the same time that empowers clients to monitor all those data without bogging down the operating system.
Incredible I/O Expansion
The Ares650 is designed with the swappable extension of up to 4 types of I/O to fit all business needs. The tool-free I/O extension allows you to switch different types of I/O ports without needing any tool, which is the most favorable feature of Ares650 for clients because it creates the possibility of expanding business in the future, thus needless buying a new POS system.

Clientron Ares650 all-in-one POS terminal, Optional 8”/10.4” bezel-free customer display and VFD
Optional 8”/10.4” bezel-free customer display and VFD










Hard Drive Makes Things Go Smoothly
There is an easy way to install a new POS system if you put the existing hard drive into a new POS terminal. The benefit is crystal clear that you don’t need to waste time on data transferred, and hard drive swaps are super simple because Ares650 has an easy-access 2.5” HDD for easy installation and maintenance. You don’t have to install the operating system for the new POS system or copy data to the new hard drive, and this will result in better integration while replacing the old POS system with the new one.
A highly acclaimed product Ares650 won the Taiwan Excellence Award in 2016, reflecting the commitment of Clientron to providing high-quality products to our global partners. By implementing the Ares650, The restaurant could run multiple software on the POS system and potential to fit into any expanded business in the future. In conclusion, the restaurant owner is glad to have the Ares650 in service and has Clientron as their trusted partner and POS system provider.

About Clientron
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