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Type-C is The Next Trend of IO Interface for POS System
Type-C is The Next Trend of I/O Interface for POS System

I/O interface is crucial for a POS system that connects with multiple peripherals, which is also the top priority for purchasing a POS system. In terms of designing a POS system, it must consider multiple types of connectors to connect with keyboard, cash drawer, barcode scanner, camera, RFID, MSR, etc., and thereby giving better extensibility, functionality, and most importantly, better service.
Currently, the dominant I/O interface is USB Type-A connector that is commonly used in the main peripherals of a POS system, but in 2019, the USB Implementers Forum, of which members including Apple, HP, Microsoft, Intel, announced that Type-C is the standard connector of USB4 that boosts the data transmission to 40 Gbit/s which is two times faster than USB3. Therefore, to support faster data transmission, the USB Type-C will possibly replace Type-A in the future to connect with devices that need to transmit plenty of data to show multimedia content and to provide higher computing power.
In the POS system, we see the latest POS terminals have integrated the Type-C port to connect with the second screen to display promotional content or online interactive campaign. Meanwhile, the users can connect the POS system with a PC or laptop through the Type-C port to run multiple programs instantly on the screen. In addition, Type-C can be the high-wattage power supply cable to provide power to the peripherals while it even makes it more user-friendly since you can plug in both sides of the connector.
Type-C is suitable for slim devices because of its size and functionality. Both Apple and Google have adopted Type-C as the main connector interface in their next-generation smartphone. As the global leading manufacturer of POS terminals, Clientron keeps up with the newest trend by integrating 2 Type-C ports in the I/O interface of the latest model PT2700, and equipping with multiple features to expedite the checkout efficiency.

Type-C is The Next Trend of I/O Interface for POS System

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