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The Dominance of In-house Motherboard Production for POS System
The Dominance of In-house Motherboard Production for POS System

POS system manufacturers with in-house motherboard design and production capabilities can significantly improve product stability, reduce production costs, and provide customers with better customization services. In Taiwan, Clientron is one of the few POS manufacturers with SMT line production motherboards.
Having SMT production lines allows manufacturers to build clean and cable-free motherboards, and also retains flexibility for future modifications.  Based on the customer’s needs, the well-designed motherboard contains only the necessary components without extra connection cables to ensure the quality of the POS system.
On the other hand, using standard motherboards on the market for customized modifications may require additional wires to connect different electronic components, which increases the risk of system failure and the difficulty of solving problems in the future. Therefore, by designing and producing customized motherboards in-house instead of using standard motherboards, manufacturers can have better control of the product quality, provide quick-response after-sales service, reduce production costs, and make sales prices competitive. Since price and product quality are the critical considerations for business owners, an in-house customized motherboard might offer more benefits beyond your expectations.
All in all, a POS system manufacturer with its own design boards and production capabilities can have so many benefits for your business. That’s why Clientron stands out from its competitors in the POS system market. Clientron has over 40 years of experience in producing high-quality electronic devices, which also reflects our commitment to providing reliable and durable POS system to our global partners. If you need more information, please visit our website

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