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Modernize Your Store with a Slim-bezel Design POS System
Modernize Your Store with a Slim-bezel Design POS System

A POS system is the bridge between your business and customers, and a slim-bezel POS system will give your customers a modern impression. A slimmer bezel expands the display area, conforming to the modern aesthetic of the simple design, which has won our favor of users in the POS market. Now, more and more customers are considering the slim-bezel POS systems as one of the key elements in establishing a modern image in their stores.
The bezel is the outer frame that surrounds the front glass of the display, and slim-bezel displays have less space to hide motherboard wires, touch ICs, and configuration buttons, so it may take a lot of effort for POS manufacturers to redesign slim-bezel POS systems. The good news, however, is that the internal components of POS systems are getting tiny, so less space is needed to hide wires in the bezel, which is allowing POS manufacturers to develop stylish and fully functional slim-bezel POS systems.
The trend of slim bezel started heating up in 2010 and soon got into full swing in consumer products from laptops to smartphones. Recently, Acer, HP, LG, Sony, and Samsung have all launched slim-bezel or zero-bezel products that fit the modern aesthetic. In the POS market, we start to see a few leading companies that released stylish slim-bezel POS systems to the market. As the global manufacturer of POS systems, Clientron's latest model PT2700 adopted a slim-bezel widescreen FHD monitor and is equipped with Intel® 8th Whiskey Lake Core™ I processor to fully match the modern aesthetics with high-performance hardware. If you need more information to modernize your counter, please visit our website

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