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Enrich the User Experience with Innovative Design - Easy Access M.2 SSD
mechanical design Easy Access M.2 SSD with dual storage slots for NVMe and SATA SSD drives

As technology evolves, storage is getting slimmer and capacity is rapidly increasing. Storage is one of the key elements of a POS system, and customers always demand higher capacity and smaller size while retaining the flexibility to expand storage in the future. Clientron's innovative mechanical design Easy Access M.2 SSD with dual storage slots for NVMe and SATA SSD drives makes it easy to utilize your storage.
The Easy Access M.2 SSD design allows you to replace the M.2 SSD drive without disassembling the entire POS terminal; therefore, users can easily upgrade or replace the drive themselves. M.2 is the term that describes the form factor, so you can get M.2 drives that use either SATA or NVMe connection protocols. The Easy Access M.2 SSD is compatible with SATA and NVMe, possibly covering all SSD connection standards, and you can also move the screw in the middle of the tray to install a 2242 or 2280 size SSD drive in the POS terminal.
A POS system not only simplifies the transaction process, but also helps you manage inventory and analyze sales trends, so it stores a huge amount of data such as inventory, transactions, memberships, and everything about your customers. The Easy Access M.2 SSD offers two storage slots for maximum storage of up to 1TB, enough to handle all your business data. In addition, the mechanical design of the Easy Access M.2 SSD tray maximizes the data transfer speed of the PCI-e interface, enabling the POS system to process data faster than HDD or SATA drives.
Clientron's commitment to providing user-friendly products led to the invention of the Easy Access M.2 SSD featuring high compatibility and flexibility. The latest model, PT2700, is the first POS system designed with Easy Access M.2 SSD, becoming one of the best-selling products in the POS market.
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