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Improve Checkout Efficiency with Adjustable POS Scanners
Improve POS System Efficiency with Adjustable Scanners

POS system manufacturer - Clientron lately introduced a new POS system with an innovative adjustable barcode scanner for scanning barcodes from multiple orientations. Mounted on POS systems with an adjustable hinge, this innovative adjustable barcode scanner allows clerks to easily read and analyze barcode labels by rotating the scanner. On the other hand, it also makes a mobile payment more friendly by simply turning the angle of the scanner to the consumer side so that it can scan the mobile devices for e-payment. This innovative barcode scanner can speed up the checkout process with precision and flexibility in noisy work environments.
Clientron understands that barcode scanners are absolutely essential peripherals for POS systems, so developing innovative multi-function peripherals can enhance the functionality of POS systems and provide better service to users. The barcode scanner is generally fixed on the POS terminal through the USB port, the angle is fixed, and the direction is limited. Therefore, it is not easy for the user to scan the barcode label accurately at one time. 

innovative adjustable barcode scanner

However, Clientron's adjustable barcode scanners allow 160 degree turning angle to face the clerk or consumer side for different scenario. As a result, clerks can easily scan a product once and get the correct purchase information from the barcode, and consumer can pay with several e-payment applications such as Apple pay, Samsung pay, Google pay, etc. to speed up overall checkout times.

A POS system with an adjustable scanner is a smart choice in any environment where fast scanning of various barcode locations is critical to day-to-day operations. Check out the official Clientron website to find the latest widescreen POS system PT2700 with an adjustable scanner to get the job done for your business in less time. At Clientron, we understand and strive to develop user-friendly products to meet your business needs. For more information about PT2700, please visit the product page:   

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