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The Ultimate Choice of Self-service POS System for High-speed Rail Companies
The Ultimate Choice of Self-service POS System for High-speed Rail Companies

Clientron PST650 Printer POS system, the winner of the "Taiwan Excellence Award 2020", has won the favor of high-speed rail companies with its innovative and multi-functional design features, and has become the ultimate choice to be a self-service POS system.
High-speed rail companies sell millions of tickets every month. A fully functional printer POS system that allows passengers to complete the transaction process and print receipts and tickets are essential. With its compact design and sleek surface, PST650 is compatible with a rich peripheral, making it the perfect self-service POS system for high-speed rail companies.
Challenge for High-speed Rail Companies
During peak hours, it is common to see a large number of passengers lining up to buy tickets, which places a great burden on the staff and thus affects the quality of service. The company will need a huge budget to build a self-service area deployed with kiosks or vending machines to ease long queues. With limited space in the ticket hall, the company needs a self-service system that is compact and easy to install anywhere. Therefore, a full-featured, affordable, and compact POS system is everything a company needs.
Furthermore, in the post-COVID-19 era, high-speed rail companies also need to build self-service spaces to reduce the chance of people coming into contact and avoid long lines of passengers to maintain social distancing.
Spotlight of PST650
The all-in-one POS system PST650 features a power-efficient Intel® Bay Trail J1900 design that provides enough computing power to complete ticketing operations and display information to assist passengers before boarding. The PST650 will help your company grow with all of the following features:
Integrated printer inside
The Clientron PST650 is an all-in-one POS system with a 15-inch TFT LCD touchscreen integrated with a high-speed cube-type thermal printer inside. It offers an easy-to-read display and allows customers to pick up tickets and print receipts, reducing the waiting time during peak periods.
Sleek and compact design
The sleek and compact design of the PST650 allows companies to install multiple POS systems in a limited space. The stylish PST650 has proven to be the ideal solution for high-speed rail companies to arrange self-service areas at an affordable price.
Easy to maintain
The PST650 has a water-proof, dust-proof, and scratch-resistant display, so you can clean the bezel-less screen by simply wiping it with a cloth. The PST650 also provides easy access to a thermal printer, which can be lifted without a screwdriver, making it easy to replace thermal paper or printers in a fraction of the time.
Rich peripherals supported
Another major feature of PST650 is that the functions of the terminal can be expanded as required. The PST650 system supports a wide range of peripherals such as barcode scanners for electronic payments, magnetic stripe readers (MSRs) for credit card use, iButtons for system security, and Wi-Fi modules for surfing the Internet anywhere.
Adopting self-service POS system - PST650
As a global manufacturer of POS systems, Clientron has produced user-friendly POS systems that allow businesses to easily grow by improving transaction processes.
The self-service POS system PST650 can be used to sell tickets during peak hours, facilitate the transaction process, and print receipts and tickets, thereby improving the overall service speed, reducing waiting time, and improving passenger satisfaction.
In the post-COVID-19 era, high-speed rail companies install self-service POS systems to avoid human contact and prevent the spread of the virus. PST650 is the right choice for handling ticketing business and assisting travelers as an information center. For more information about PST650, please visit the product page at Clientron’s official website:   

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