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Clientron Brings 10ZiG All-in-One Endpoint Solutions for VDI, DaaS, and Cloud Workspace in Healthcare
10ZiG Endpoint Solutions for healthcare

The widespread adoption of digitalized medical records increases the enormous volume of healthcare data and allows medical staff to access the data through VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) and cloud workspace. Clientron introduces the 10ZiG hardware/software endpoint solution which solely focuses on the cutting-edge VDI/DaaS application to help healthcare institutions to establish a safe and efficient cloud workspace.

For endpoint devices, the requirement of computing power is becoming minor in VDI/DaaS, since most data is stored and processed in the server, so replacing the traditional desktop with the efficient thin client is applicable for healthcare institutions. 10ZiG All-in-One thin client, 7900q series, equipped with a 23.8” full HD monitor, featuring a highly versatile stand allowing height, tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustment that is convertible to a vertical position to display X-ray images and medical records. Also, it is capable of connecting two external monitors for showing multiple information such as video, image, and analytics reports at the same time. Moreover, the 7900q series is powered by Intel® quad-core processor with a built-in 5 million pixel camera and dual digital microphone, which provides high-quality video conference and telehealth service. Also, the power consumption of 7900q is significantly lower than traditional PCs, which saves the cost of electricity for operating expenses.
10ZiG 7900q series is optioned to bundle with the 10ZiG’s operation system (NOS or PeakOS) or Windows 10 IoT, depending on the requirement of VDI or cloud applications. The design of NOS and PeakOS allows IT admins to set up the virtual desktops connection in only three steps, and medical staff can immediately log in to the VDI/DaaS service once booting up the 10ZiG device. As for managing the endpoint device, 10ZiG Manager is the free centralized management software to manage all 10ZiG endpoint devices, which enables IT managers to assign specific functions to different roles of IT employees, and manages tens of thousands of distributed 10ZiG devices remotely. 10ZiG Manager also features several useful features such as visualized graphic reports, instant or scheduling firmware updates, and remote troubleshooting, which makes the management efficient and effectively.

10ZiG endpoint solution gives medical staff quick and easy access to virtual desktops that are hosted on servers or in the cloud. 10ZiG Manager is always free with no user or device limit, so IT managers can easily handle thousands of endpoint devices without additional license fee, which assists IT department to establish a secure and reliable cloud workspace in healthcare institutions.

About Clientron
Clientron is dedicated to providing highly integrated embedded solutions to worldwide clients. With 40 years of experiences in design, manufacturing, and after-sales service, Clientron offers high-quality and technology-leading solutions along with the commitment to providing engineering excellence towards innovative solutions and outstanding service to global partners. Clientron is introducing the world leading thin client OS “IGEL OS” and 10ZiG thin client total solution. IGEL is the leading thin client software company offering edge OS for end-user and cloud computing. 10ZiG Technology is the world market leader in the field of endpoints for Desktop Virtualization. Focused solely on the development of Thin and Zero Clients for the latest desktop environments. Clientron provides comprehensive endpoint software and hardware management solutions to create a safer and more complete VDI cloud environment for companies.