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Clientron Embedded Computing System for Parking Management Application
Clientron Embedded Computing System for Parking Management Application

Intelligent parking management aims to improve parking lot turnover rate by optimizing space, time, and costs in parking. Clientron embedded computing system - IT900 is an ideal solution for collecting data from the frontline parking sensors, continuously monitoring the parking spaces & parking lot security in real time, filtering out the abnormal node, integrating the appropriate data and sending the information to cloud servers for big data analysis & displaying the information. So, drivers will know where to park without blindly driving around searching through the green LED indicator.
IT900 is powered by the 6th generation Intel® Core™-i Skylake-U embedded processor and robust aluminum housing. It is designed for critical environment with IP40 dust-proof and fanless design. More, it offers easily accessible optional wireless communication and comes with DDR4, USB 3.0, SATA III, and M.2 high speed interfaces. It also supports dual 4K display (HDMI and DP), high expandability up to 4 x COM ports and e-door expansion, including POE, DIO, and CAN bus modules supported.
E-Door Expansion:


An ideal intelligent parking management system improved visibility and effectiveness for both drivers and parking enforcement officers by providing the real-time parking data. So, in the age of “smart” and the Internet of Things (IoT), it’s easy to see why smart parking solutions are considered innovative. Clientron IT900 is the ideal embedded system to make your smart parking solution innovative.

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