Clientron Exhibits at RetailTech Japan
Clientron Exhibits at RetailTech Japan Exhibition for the Last Three Years

NOTICE: Due to concerns about the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, commonly known as the coronavirus, the upcoming 2020 RetailTech Japan Exhibition has been canceled.
Efficiency is everything to modern business owners and the software vendors that help them succeed. Customers expect a streamlined experience when they enter modern grocery stores, restaurants, and specialty shops and independent software vendors (ISVs) need to provide their partners with the tools to provide it. Industry leaders from across the world gather at the RetailTech Japan Exhibition every year to showcase their innovative new products and present solutions.
Over the past three years, Clientron Corp. has become a well-known fixture at RetailTech thanks to their innovative, industry-specific, and fully integrated products. This article will take a look at Clientron’s history at RetailTech, its current products, and more.
Clientron Corp. is a full-service tech company that specializes in providing integrated solutions for retail stores, restaurants, and other service industry providers. With more than 35 years of dedicated experience, they have developed ways to supply affordable, sustainable, fully customizable point-of-sale (POS) terminals, self-service kiosks, and much, much more.
Held each year in Tokyo, this industry-leading trade show is entering its 36th year. It is open to the public, but heavily attended by retail industry insiders looking to get the jump on their competition by checking out all the latest innovations in this fascinating field. In previous years, exhibits have included cutting-edge retail technologies focused on everything from digital marketing to warehousing and distribution.
Companies from a diverse array of industries spanning information and telecommunications, machinery and industrial technology, data processing, transportation and logistics, and others send their best representatives with their best products. It’s a must-attend event not just for business owners working in the retail industry, but also for anyone interested in finding out about the most recent technological innovations in the field. Clientron has a well-deserved reputation as an industry leader, so it makes good sense that they have been in attendance for the past three years.
In 2018, Clientron displayed a variety of its all-in-one POS terminals and peripheral devices with a focus on smart retail. At the time, its PT2000 Series POS system, which featured a 15” Bezel-free touch display, made a huge splash with visitors. The company also exhibited its PST Series system, which featured a built-in high-speed thermal printer in its base and paved the way for the company’s more recent innovations.
Last year was also big year for this retail tech giant. At RetailTech 2019, the global leader introduced last year’s most innovative POS solution: PT2500 All-in-One Fanless POS Terminal with Bezel-Free Touch Display. In addition to this innovative POS system, last year’s booth also displayed the company’s older PT2000 model POS system, its top-of-the-line Ares755 terminal, its tower-type Bello620, and its lightweight, flexible Wing650 design.
The Exhibition that was to be held from March 3 to March 6 has, as noted above, been canceled in response to fears of coronavirus. Clientron and its competitors will thus be unable to attend this year, but plans to attend the 2021 Exposition. In the meantime, take a few moments to learn more about some of the most popular and interesting of Clientron’s innovative systems below.
The PT Series POS terminals are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. Buyers have four options to choose from, so it’s easy for them to find one that perfectly meets their companies’ or clients’ needs. Clientron has long been focused on producing exceptional point-of-sale solutions, so its PT Wide Screen Series is right in line with the company’s mission.
When buyers choose the PT Wide Screen line, they can expect a consolidated, integrated shopping experience. The SMART MATE PT Series Wide Screen POS system features energy-efficient Intel processors and a Bezel-free 15.6″ widescreen LCD display with P-Cap touch. This feature-rich system can also be integrated with Clientron’s peripherals, including two different customer displays, various foot stands, and others. It’s easy to install and maintain, too, which makes it a perfect option for service providers.
More businesses than ever have been switching from traditional POS systems to integrated self-service kiosks, and with good reason. Installing self-service kiosks improves workforce efficiency, increases order accuracy, and ensures that all of a store’s visitors will have a positive shopping experience that keeps them coming back for more.
Those who have gotten to known Clientron through their POS systems won’t be disappointed when they make the switch, either, because their Hippo series self-service kiosks are designed with the same care and attention to detail that this retail tech leader puts into all of its products. It comes with a peripheral NFC / credit card reader and up to 8 GB of memory, offering plenty of power and convenience. Plus, their slim and stylish design with a 32” or 22” true flat display enclosure with 10 points multi-touch capability and narrow screen-to-body ratio makes them a natural choice for stores with a contemporary vibe.
Clientron’s new PSL Series of products is designed for versatility and durability. This advanced, all-in-one POS system doesn’t need to sacrifice function for fashion. It offers both. It can even be removed from its mount and carried around the store, or even outside, without interrupting performance.
The PSL Series features integrated receipt printers, I/O connectors including 4 USB 3.0 ports, a 2 x DB9 5V/12 Powered COM, a 1 x RJ11 24V cash drawer port, a VGA, and a GbE LAN, The PSL line also comes with multiple multi-touch P-Cap touch screens, adjustable viewing angles, and a variety of other high-tech features. Buy the optional customer display, a VFD / 4.3” display for maximum efficiency and style. The system is optimized to run either Linux or Win 10 IoT Enterprise.
Clientron intended to use the 2020 RetailTech Japan Exposition that was supposed to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba-city, Chiba as an opportunity to demonstrate the latest in POS systems and other retail industry innovations such as those mentioned above, but its established product lines remain just as popular among retail store owners, ISVs, and software integrators (SIs).
Its popular Ares series terminals are designed specifically for retail environments. They feature powerful processors, stylish displays, and everything sales professionals need to manage customer experience from one convenient location.
Not all retail stores, restaurants, and other service-industry providers have the space for a bulky POS system. Thankfully, Clientron provides a perfect solution with their Thin Client products.
The TC238 AIO Thin Client is an all-in-one terminal that features an Intel x5-E8000 Quad-Core processor and a 23.8” LCD back-light display. It’s compatible with Citrix ICA/HDX, Vmware View, and Microsoft RDP and compliant with Intel Smart Display Module standards. Plus, business owners can purchase an additional optional Wi-Fi module.
The company also manufactures the cost-effective and highly efficient all-in-one TC210 AIO Thin Client, the IT800 Industry Thin Client, and ten different richly featured standalone Thin Client systems. No matter what kind of space-saving solution business owners are looking for, they’ll be sure to find it when they work with Clientron.
Clientron products are designed specifically with retail store and restaurant owners in mind. Their POS systems and self-service kiosks offer a seamless customer experience, but that isn’t the only thing that sets this industry leader apart. Clientron designs and manufactures POS motherboards in-house, so they can guarantee an exceptionally high level of quality. Plus, the company’s attention to detail means that screwless assembly designs, flexible features like interchangeable foot stands and free space for cube type thermal printers, and fully integrated software solutions set them apart from the competition every time.
Every business is a little different, so it doesn’t make sense to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to product design. That’s why Clientron offers so many POS system product lines.
In stores where space is a priority, the company’s Thin Client products might be a good fit. Fast-food restaurants might benefit more from installing the Hippo line of self-service kiosks. Those looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one POS solution can take advantage of features like built-in printers, Wi-Fi compatibility, and more. Of course, the best way to decide which product line will be the best fit is to speak with a company representative.
Clientron regrets that the 2020 RetailTech Japan Exposition has been canceled. Those who planned to attend this year’s expo can still learn more about the company online or get in touch with questions.
Still not sure if Clientron’s product line will include the right solution to meet a unique, exceptional retail store’s individual needs? Business owners can rest assured that Clientron’s position as a well-respected industry leader stems not just from its impressively designed product lines, but also from the company’s dedication to customer service. Get in touch today to learn more.

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