How to Choose the Best POS Terminal for Your Small Business
Anyone running a café, retail outlet, or any other customer-facing business will need a reliable POS terminal. These systems are designed for secure on-site processing of transactions, but not all are created equal. The PT2610 and PST660 are simple to use, handle transactions smoothly, and keep customers’ information secure.

An efficient, secure POS system is a substantial investment, but it’s a worthwhile one. To maximize that investment and find the right balance of reliability, ease of use, and affordability, follow these tips when choosing a POS setup for your small business. 

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Assess the Company’s Needs
Every business is different, and a system that works for you may not be right for someone else. For instance, a setup that suits a small café may not be appropriate for a busy food court in a mall. When businesses enter periods of growth, they need systems that can keep up with the changes. Because Clientron’s systems are modular, they can grow and evolve as your company does.
Though startups can typically get by with a tablet-based point of sale system that operates in the cloud, established retail outlets need more robust solutions. With our PT2610 and PST660, you’ll get the reliability you need now and the ability to expand the system as your business changes. When choosing a POS solution, it’s important to get quotes, read reviews, and talk to other local business owners to find out what has worked for them.

Think of How You Manage Inventory
The best point of sale terminals for small businesses are chosen with inventory in mind. How and where do you keep records of your stock? Would you prefer to upload dozens of products to a library at once, or is it easier to enter them one by one? Do you need notifications when certain products are almost out of stock? Does the company’s existing inventory management system keep a running total of all products’ value? The answers to these and other inventory-related questions will help you choose the right terminal for your company’s needs.

Set a Budget and Stick to It
POS systems vary widely in cost, depending on their software licensing, size, brand, complexity, processor speed, and other features. While a simple cloud-based system may only cost $50 per month, desktop-based systems may cost much more.

Once you’ve chosen a terminal, you’ll need to select the software that runs it. While some providers charge one-time licensing fees, others offer a recurring payment model. Here, the upfront fee is typically smaller, but ongoing costs are greater. 

When gathering quotes for a new point of sale system, be sure to request an itemized cost list. Ask about set-up costs and hidden fees, as they can significantly increase the price of a system. Because a small business’ budget plays a crucial role in determining which system the owner buys, due diligence is important here. 

Consider Security
Potential security risks are one of the most vital factors to consider when choosing a POS terminal. Cybercriminals’ methods are highly sophisticated, stealing thousands of customers’ card data before selling it on the dark web. Malware is designed to steal sensitive data, and it’s widely available on the black market. 

As a small business owner, you should assume that the company’s data is vulnerable. Approximately 60% of data breaches affect small companies. If you want to protect your customers’ private information, a robust and reliable POS solution is essential. 

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Go for Greater Simplicity
Though a system may look good on paper and have every feature you need, it may not be as user-friendly as it seems. As important as retail point of sale systems are, they’re not a business owner’s only responsibility. 

A point of sale terminal should be easy enough to use that an employee doesn’t have to refer to the manual every day just to keep the system running. Though most sales associates won’t mention whether the software they’re selling is easy to use, it’s important to ask around. With support for Linux and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, Clientron’s PST660 offers a familiar user interface.

Future-Proof Your System
Small business owners often focus their POS purchase efforts on solutions offering smooth processing of credit card transactions. That’s still important, but so is the ability to handle emerging trends such as the popularity of mobile payments through platforms such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

Today’s point of sale terminals are versatile hubs that combine the functions of inventory management, sales, and CRM (customer relationship management). These areas all affect a company’s bottom line, because the point of sale experience is the owner’s main point of contact with their customers. 

A point of sale terminal should process transactions securely, but it should also handle admin tasks efficiently. When choosing a POS system, be sure to consider how it will work with other systems and solutions. Because the PT2610 has a long list of compatible peripherals, it’s easy to set up, use, and maintain.

When choosing a terminal, business owners should honestly assess where their companies are and where they’re headed within the next two years. Most small businesses are service- or inventory-focused, and our point of sale solutions allow for the easy moving and allocation of services and resources. 

Find a Solution That Addresses Back- and Front-End Needs
According to information from JP Morgan & Chase, almost all of America’s nearly 29 million companies are considered small businesses. However, many of these firms encounter difficulties when they can’t access the same tools and capabilities that larger companies can afford. This includes point of sale systems, especially when they seamlessly integrate payment processing solutions.

There are numerous point of sale systems that suit a range of store types and sizes. Some systems are geared toward retail outlets and restaurants, while others are focused on omnichannel industries. As a small business owner, you should consider a terminal and system that have everything necessary to run a company, including seamless payments, a simple interface, and the ability to add features during times of growth.

Clientron’s point of sale solutions are designed to help company owners expedite transactions, ensuring a smooth and cohesive experience for front-line and back-office workers. Our hardware has easy-to-read screens, as well as intuitive payment methods. With a seamless checkout process, you’ll facilitate the flow of traffic through your retail space while allowing your staff to spend more time assisting customers.

Consider Customer Interactions
Does your company offer a customer loyalty program? Do you plan to collect customers’ email addresses so you can send periodic updates? If so, consider choosing a point of sale system that makes it easy to add that information during the transaction. Do you need insights into buyers’ behavior at different times of the day, week, month, or year? A point of sale terminal from Clientron makes it easy to collect important data and use it to make more informed business decisions.

Think of How Returns and Exchanges are Handled
It can be hard to handle exchanges and returns, and most small business owners are looking for ways to streamline these processes. A good point of sale terminal should offer easy ways to credit invoices and send refunds to the customer’s original payment method. Furthermore, these systems should update stock automatically, reducing the time required to re-enter merchandise that’s been returned.
Conventional cash registers cannot export information in a digital format; rather, they use printed receipts and reports that must be manually consolidated at the end of the day. Clientron’s point of sale solutions perform these steps reliably and automatically, which simplifies the bookkeeping process.

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Find the Right Hardware
Many point of sale systems include only cloud-based software or that which can be downloaded into an OS. To bring that software to its full potential, however, you’ll need reliable hardware. Though it’s sometimes as simple as using a plug-in card reader with a tablet or a phone, most small businesses will benefit from the use of a system including terminals, card readers, and printers. Count on us to help you find the right terminal for the hardware you already have and that which you plan to buy in the future.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction
The goal of a point of sale terminal is to provide the highest-quality and most efficient customer service transactions. If the acceptance of card and mobile payments wasn’t a streamlined process, many retailers would only accept cash.

For those reasons, it’s important to understand how a point of sale terminal will improve your relationship with customers. A company’s brand is the connection between it and its customer base. With the right point of sale system, you’ll give them a reason to feel good about that connection.

In Closing
If all these features are in play, they constitute the must-haves for a good point of sale system. When choosing a terminal, be sure to carefully consider your options. With the selection, service, and purchase advice available from Clientron, it’s easy to make an informed decision. 
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