Clientron Is Leading the Way in POS Innovation With Its PSL540
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Clientron is a company that is focused on bringing the newest technology to POS intervention. With its PSL540, Clientron is changing the way companies address customer interactions daily. Clientron was established in 1983 and has evolved over the years to meet the increased demands of today’s technology-driven industries. Their design and flexibility exceed industry standards, making them one of the most trusted names in POS applied science.
From the Beginning
Since opening its operations in 1983, Clientron has remained centrically focused on providing the highest level of expandability in all their products, and the PSL540 is certainly no exception. 
Clientron has over 35 years of experience in creating innovative designs, manufacturing, and service. They are a global provider, and their operations have grown immensely over the last 35 years. 
For the last ten years, Clientron has focused on producing POS terminals. Their PSL540 is one of the most user-friendly POS terminals on the market. 
Their intelligent IoT client solutions perform at the highest levels, encompassing all the services customer interactions require. They also provide services for supply chain management. Clientron are OEM/ODM specialists who provide ingenious solutions. 
About the PSL540
Point-of-sale terminals are found in many customer-driven industries, including retail. Unfortunately, not all POS terminals are created equal. The PSL540 is one of the top point-of-sale terminals, and it includes some of the following major features. 
  • The screen is 14-inches and offers a backlit LED panel that runs on capacitive touch. 
  • The terminal can sit on a counter or can be adjusted on a stand. 
  • With all its power, this terminal does not consume great amounts of electricity, making it an energy-efficient option. 
  • The PSL540 has a built-in thermal printer, which prints receipts quickly and effectively. 
One of the most beneficial aspects of these terminals is the level of flexibility. Flexibility is something that many POS terminals do not offer. With capacitive touch, the displays come to life with the power of human touch. 
Ease of Maintenance
Clientron is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. They create products that provide solutions for all types of businesses. Although no technology is perfect, Clientron has worked to ensure their systems work seamlessly with as little downtime as possible. When a hiccup does occur, they are there to provide steadfast customer support. 
Expandable Options
These systems can easily be expanded to ensure the needs of customers are met. The systems can be upgraded from a two-inch printer tape to a three-inch. The embedded scanner prints receipts, e-payments, and loyalty cards. With the VESA mount support, the system can be transformed to a self-service system or kiosk. 
Great Value for the Money
With all its features, many people are surprised at the low cost. Clientron has provided one of the most innovative designs. This is a cost-effective solution that is transforming the way people interact with their customer base and collect information. With up to 8GB of memory, this system offers everything necessary for improving customer interactions. 
Amazing Design
The classy look of this design offers an attractive POS for any type of business. The fresh design features beautifully beveled edges that offer a seamless look. This all-in-one POS terminal adds a perfect addition to any business design. 
Clientron has overcome traditional POS designs and now offers systems with the highest level of integration. Their team of designers provides business owners with a plethora of ideas to help integrate their POS systems for seamless operation. 
Their Manufacturing Operations Exceed Industry Standards
Clientron has proven its ability to engineer some of the best POS terminals in the industry. The reason for their success is they have a leading team of expert engineers that work tirelessly to stay abreast of the latest trends and go beyond industry norms. Other reasons for their success include the following.
  • They have extensive experience in the field of ODM manufacturing. They take private designs and masterfully complete production, meeting the needs of their clients, and exceeding expectations. 
  • Their advanced management system is also integral to their success. Their management system far exceeds others in the industry, allowing them to rise above the competition and realize ongoing success.
  • Another reason they stand apart from their competition is the stringent quality assurance standards they have put in place. Their sophisticated system helps to ensure each piece of equipment manufactured in their facility is in pristine condition. 
They are Striving for a Green Supply Chain
Clientron is committed to protecting the environment, and they work to partner with companies and suppliers who are like-minded. Their goal is to promote policies and operations that protect the environment by offering long-term solutions to sustainability. 
They Meet and Exceed Production Demands
The goal of Clientron is to produce 80,000 thin clients and 10,000 car infotainments each month. They can produce these simultaneously, providing their clients with the necessary units they need. Because of its excellent operations, the Department of China has recognized Clientron as a “Critical High Technology Enterprise.”
The PSL540 continues to shine as one of the most innovative POS terminals. With its innovative design and expanded features, it far surpasses other point-of-sale terminals on the market. Aside from the PSL540, they also offer a range of other POS terminals that meet the needs of many business owners in various industries. 
Those who are interested in learning more about Clientron’s PSL540 are encouraged to visit the website and survey the specifications. These POS terminals will transform the way companies interact with their customers. These terminals can even be used for self-checkout. 
With so many options available, it is no wonder the PSL540 continues to be a favorite among retail clients. Clientron is a company many business owners have come to rely on for all their thin sale and car infotainment needs. Allow Clientron to provide more information on their innovative products to ensure the right terminal is chosen for every company’s needs.

About Clientron
Clientron was founded in 1983. The company is dedicated in providing highly integrated embedded solution to our clients worldwide.  With more than 35 years experiences in design, manufacturing, and after-sales-service, Clientron offers high quality and technology leading solutions, including POS, Kiosk, Thin Client and Automotive Electronics.  Clientron commits to continuously providing the engineering excellence towards innovative solutions and best services to global partners and customers.  Visit us at .