Clientron PST Series: Benefits Abound for Businesses and Consumers
Clientron Printer Point-of-Sales System

Retailers, restaurants, and other businesses that regularly accept customer payments need point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The systems become a necessity as companies expand their businesses or work to streamline their checkout process. Most consumers have become comfortable with the use of the terminals and are comfortable in taking control over the processing of their payment. The right POS terminal is one that looks good, needs minimal room on a countertop, and has the durability to withstand constant use.
Retailers Enjoy Savings
POS terminals offer retailers the opportunity to reduce their lines at the register and enable restaurants to speed up the checkout process at restaurants. Multiple POS terminals in a location allow people to complete transactions on their own or with minimal help from an employee. Companies that use the systems can reduce the number of personnel needed per shift without sacrificing speed or the quality of the experience for their customer.

All-in-one printing capabilities enable customers to decide if they want a receipt and to print it instantly for themselves. The feature saves time but also saves paper when compared to automatically printing a receipt for each customer. POS terminals use thermal printers, so they reduce the cost of printer ink. 

The ease of installation and removal of the terminal could also become a money saver for businesses. POS terminals quickly mount and remove from their base with no tools. The straightforward process makes it easy to remove the terminal for safety during deep cleaning or when remodeling the checkout area. Replacement of a malfunctioning terminal takes seconds, so customers do not wait longer than necessary. The ease of installation makes it simple for people to set up their own terminals and avoid the cost of hiring a tech specialist.
Businesses Upgrade Appearances
POS terminals have an attractive and modern appearance, so retail spaces look fresh and updated. Updating equipment in these areas will produce the right first-impression to clientele since many checkout areas are at the front of shops. The bezel-free frames of Clientron’s PST Series product make the touchscreens easy to keep spotlessly clean, so everything always looks shiny and new. The POS terminal chassis comes in black, silver, and aluminum to enable the business to have equipment that blends with their decor. The slim design of the fanless and vent-free terminals prevents wasted space. Integrated magnetic stripe readers (MSR) and all-in-one printer terminals make added plug-in accessories unnecessary. The result is a counter free from bulky electronics that collect dust and make everything look cluttered.

The options available in terminals enable businesses to select the one that meets their needs without overextending their budget. Management can choose a durable but affordable low-end CPU that looks great and offers a basic checkout experience. Or they can select a high-end model with all the features and the amount of memory that larger retailers may need. The generous terminal sizes of 15” or 15.6” widescreen guarantee a clear image and make it easy for everyone to select the best choice for their setup and clientele. 
Customers Appreciate Efficiency
POS terminals allow customers to begin the payment process before the cashier completes the checkout. The timesaving effort shortens the wait time for each customer and keeps lines moving swiftly. Terminals at tables in restaurants make it easy for diners to get their checks and pay the bill as soon as they want without needing to get the attention of waitstaff.

Varying screen sizes enable business owners to choose a screen that the customer can view comfortably but to need one so large it overwhelms the space. IP64 touchscreen panels prevent dust from entering the terminal, so the risk of maintenance issues declines and processing delays become less likely. The durability of monitors with a 64-ingress protection rating also means the terminal can withstand exposure to splashed liquids, so cleanup of the station is a simple spray and wipe. The simplicity makes it more likely that staff will have time for regular cleanings, so the customer has the clean environment they expect.
Everyone Stays Safer
The COVID-19 pandemic made everyone more aware of the potential hazards of person-to-person contact. POS terminal products help to lessen the risk of contact without hindering the ability of customers to visit brick-and-mortar businesses. Using the right technology offers a higher level of protection for clients. It also boosts employee safety, who are often the most at-risk as essential workers.

POS terminals allow the customer to scan their debit or credit cards and enter their own information without the risk that may occur when someone else handles their card. An all-in-one system that allows printing to take place at the terminal makes it possible for customers to have a receipt untouched by anyone but themselves. The seamless touchscreen makes it easy for staff to clean and disinfect the surface between customers. Card cleaning products even enable businesses to reduce the risk that their integrated MSR could become a point of illness transmission.

The positioning of the terminal can allow cashiers to remain a safe distance from the public while still being nearby in case someone needs help. Staff can clean the smooth surface of a touch screen much faster and easier than a pin pad style POS system. The smooth screen of POS terminals helps the employee too because they can clean the screen quickly to reduce their exposure to any germs on the terminal. The many dips and crevices in traditional pin pads can harbor viruses and bacteria that could make cleanup less safe.

Business owners will appreciate the level of security features integrated into Clientron’s PST Series. The features keep the electronic systems running without glitches and free from security risks. The powerful processors allow the transactions to process with efficiency and accuracy. The foot stand options keep the terminal convenient, secure, and attractive. The amount of flexibility, available add-on features, and options offered will enable every size and type of company to have the exact system they need and want.
About Clientron
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