Major Fast Food Outlet Selects Clientron PT2500 POS
Subway uses Clientron PT2500 POS system

5,000 meals a minute. That's how many meals our client sells worldwide in a single minute. With service at that scale, even small inefficiencies and breakdowns can significantly impact business operations. Clientron POS, and its software partner, are firmly focused on providing POS systems that are easier for restaurants to use and easier for our solution partners to implement and maintain.

High Expectations
With a global presence, our client is acutely aware of the importance of good partners to tackle their immediate requirements and be forward-thinking enough to avoid seemingly potentially unseen problems. In essence, they are discerning, and our customer, an internationally recognized US-based fast-food chain, had some particular demands for their POS systems.

Hardware Stability
Reliability is subjective. In a storefront with a high customer throughput, it doesn't just mean "works pretty well most of the time," it means that it keeps working non-stop, all day long, 24/7/365, without missing a beat. Every minute offline cuts a slice out of already razor-thin fast food profit margins.

Software Capability
Our client wanted to manage multiple complex promotional activities simultaneously. They also needed to integrate local money processing systems that comply with Taiwan's local regulations. With laws differing between nations and regions, the software must handle these correctly. In Taiwan, a primary focus is integrating with Taiwan's tax invoice system, a critical issue not tackled adequately by many other vendors.

Easy Maintenance
No in-store technicians mean the supplier must respond and deal with machine breakdowns as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many suppliers choose POS systems that look great on the outside, but they soon realize that the internal design is complicated, poorly laid out, and difficult to repair. The downside of this poor design manifests itself when it comes time for repairs and the tangle of wires and screws must be negotiated to perform routine tasks.

Clientron PT2500 POS system in Subway

Reasonable Pricing
Regional differences often result in cost differences between suppliers, with North American and European suppliers being more expensive due to the general pricing in those regions. Retaining the high quality of their systems is paramount, and seeking out a local provider with the same quality of service as their other providers is crucial. Meanwhile, this discrepancy poses a challenge to suppliers based in the west that must drop prices to compete in the east.

Local suppliers can oftentimes offer services and products of similar quality but tend to be better matched to local pricing structures.

Clientron Delivers with Software Partnership
Satisfying these sorts of requirements is par-for-the-course at Clientron as we have ironed out and, dare we say, perfected the hardware design. After long discussions between Clientron POS and our Taiwan software partner, we chose the PT2500 after carefully considering the client's criteria. Outstanding performance aside, these are the factors that helped us win their trust.

Valued Software Partner
With many years of experience in Taiwan's catering industry, our software partner boasts a software team acutely familiar with the industry ecology and could successfully integrate the parent company's system with the Taiwan tax invoice system. A local provider with local expertise.

Rock Solid Hardware
As a leading POS designer and manufacturer, Clientron proudly wears the Made In Taiwan mark and wins clients’ trust through its comprehensive line of quality products. The Intel Core i3 processor possesses ample processing power and produces limited heat, allowing for fanless operation. In addition, a 9.7” customer-facing screen allows for promotion display while retaining its good looks through internal wiring.

Clientron PT2500 POS System in Subway

The 15" eDP no-bezel display (1024 x 768) with touchscreen is easy to use and responsive for commercial use. The easy expansion allows useful additions like a cash drawer, audio, LAN, and others. CE, FCC, and LVD certifications allow pain-free compliance out the box.
Organized Under The Hood
We don't just make our POS systems pleasing to the end-user but also to technicians. Unlike many POS providers that string together a patchwork of computer parts, we produce our own motherboards, custom-designed for each model. The interior has a straightforward, clean design because after eradicating redundant splicing and complicated circuit designs, there is no excess clutter to complicate repairs.

Our POS systems have design quality that extends to the internal parts. Customers have commented that they love the minimalist internal design and have never realized the huge impact an uncluttered interior can make on machine maintenance and repair.

Competitive Pricing
Finally, as a fully localized solution, prices reflect local market expectations. Our client can take advantage of a provider’s expertise in their own locality and be assured that they are getting the best value at the best price.

With all the boxes checked, and the stellar track record of Clientron and our software partner, the client selected us for their rollout. The simple internal design was a turning point for them and they chose to adopt the new system for new stores immediately and gradually roll it out to existing locations as the current hardware reaches the end of its usable life.