Thin Client G600 Explores a New Working Space for Financial Industry
Thin Client G600 Explores a New Working Space for Financial Industry

Supporting the mission to help financial analyst streamlined their working process and deliver exceptional results, Clientron introduced its latest thin client G600 which is designed specifically for the use of the financial industry. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s totally reshaped the lifestyle of people around the world, hence the mindset of working from anywhere has been the new norm for financial operation.


It’s a must for the financial analyst to watch multiple screens simultaneously to keep up with the global trend, so a dependable thin client is all that matters to the professional analyst. Therefore, the requirement for a thin client to run multiple fancy charts and pies on different screens is higher than in the past. Nowadays, data can be shown in a more vivid way, buzzwords like infographics and infotainment which unveil the interactive fads of data reporting. Thereby, for the financial specialist, a powerful CPU to run multiple screens with fancy graphics and data security protection are crucial. Most importantly, only the thin client functionality is locally loaded, leaving the desktop and data on the server, and that’s why we have to focus on the security level of the thin client as well.


To fulfill the needs of the higher graphic process, monitoring on multiple screens, and higher security level, the thin client G600 is capable of handling all these needs with the features below.

Multi-task on multi-screen

G600 is powered by AMD® V-series embedded Ryzen™ platform that combines the Zen CPU with Vega GPU architectures to be able to run four 4K displays altogether smoothly. You’ll be able to monitor the main global markets with up to four screens under your belt and do a comprehensive instant analysis of the financial trends.

Meet the needs of information security for all industries.

Security intensified

Among all the features, security might be on the top list for thin clients. In the Financial industry, an analyst analyzes data that is confidential and on the cloud to generate business insight or executing financial transactions; therefore, with AMD® memory guard and optional TPM 2.0(Trusted Platform Module), G600 boosts the security to the top level which enhances the data security thoroughly.

Meet the needs of information security for all industries.

Time is Money

Time is critical for the analyst who is almost zero-tolerance on running slow or freezing the computer, so you might need a powerful device to ensure the stability of business operation. For that reason, the G600 is equipped with a powerful AMD® CPU and high-speed DDR4 RAM, which allows you to do multiple tasks seamlessly at the same time.

Flexible Expansion

G600 is designed with the concept of flexible expansion including 4 displays, 8 USB ports, smart card readers (optional), wireless LAN (optional), and fiber connection (optional), which empowered the G600 to do more for your business.

Starting with G600

G600 is the right choice for financial businesses to protect sensitive data like transaction records, business reports, financial statements, and all those investors’ information. Obviously, these confidential documents must be kept private even in the cloud, which allows you to pay full attention to analyze the financial market instead of worrying about data breaches. In addition, G600 not only gives you a secured environment but also the powerful CPU and RAM to support multiple tasks and run four 4K screens side by side with numerous outputs.

All in all, for the financial analyst, you will experience a friendly working space with four 4k display outputs, various I/O supported secured hardware, and the power of AMD® V-series by simply adopting the latest thin client-G600.

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