Case Study - Restaurant
How to provide the reliable and flexible service is the top object for restaurants; especially, they need to provide high speed of customer service and accuracy of order.

For the restaurant field, the high speed of customer service and accuracy of order are the principal purpose. Consequently, how to provide the reliable and flexible service is the top object. In the usage of adverse circumstances, the POS system has to run under high temperature and humidity environment and keep the superior performance. Facing the diversified and customized requests, the POS systems can response rapidly.
Performance and Expandability
Clientron POS Solutions for coffee shop
Clientron understands the customers’ challenges and create a customized solution approach for your business, no matter your goals – whether generating greater customer loyalty, enhancing operational efficiency, delivering better service or improving POS system management.
Case Study - PT6000 Series
The most famous restaurant & café is located in Stockholm and serves seafood in various forms. Customers are able to come there for a relaxing and memorable dinner, or to enjoy a good healthy lunch. For satisficing the client’s need, Clientron provide cost-effect all-in-one POS system – Clientron White PT6000 and high performance solution – Clientron White PT6500.

PT6000 series solution highly integrated all-in-one panel PC style with multiple peripherals –MSR, Cash drawer, Printer and i-Button. Multi choices from power-efficient to high-performance Intel processors are for meeting various customers’ demand. IP64 water and dust proof protection for front panel enhances user experience for harsh environment design as well as the kitchen and the restaurant.
 POS systems for Restaurants
Case Study - PT8000 & PT5200
Clientron POS Solutions for Restaurants
One London restaurant provides traditional British food, all freshly prepared from the finest local ingredients, a wide range of British beers and cocktails - opened in 2011 by Swedish owner and moved to current address in late 2014.

When they started running new place, they would like to have new POS system. Clientron supported them with PT5200 and PT8000.

< Clientron’s solution >
  • Customer chose PT8000 for bar area, and PT5200 for restaurant area with MSR, i-button, cash drawer and printer.
  • Customer uses i-button to do multiple login to the system.

< Customers’ Benefit >
  • IP64 is suitable and essential especially for bar and restaurant to prevent accident with liquid.