SMB (Small & Medium Business)
With the increasing variety of software applications today and the ever complex new operating systems, SMB IT staffs are continuously occupied by individual office PC troubleshooting and frequent installation of update patches. The Clientron thin client solution can simplify the IT infrastructure and increase IT management efficiency.
end user device,thin client, zero client and smart client solution for Small & Medium Business
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  • Small Size Business
  • Medium Size Business
  • Call Center
Business employees are over-come by regular job tasks everyday, IT staff should relief users from time-consuming PC troubleshooting or operating system maintenance tasks such as the update of patches and virus scans. With thin client environment setup, IT maintenance tasks can be performed without thin client user ever noticing it. Best of all, system troubleshooting can be quick and easy without taking precious working hour time from the user.
end user client, enterprice client, office, thin client, zero client
System Diagram
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  • With no hard drive and centralized data management, data security is assured.
  • USB devices security restriction can prevent user from taking valuable information from the client terminal and provide protection against virus.
  • Efficient delivery of patches minimizes the intervention between the user's daily activities.
  • Replacing traditional desktop with thin client solution can cut-down IT spending and reduce IT maintenance efforts.