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The Finance industry IT is facing new security threats everyday and looking for new ways to integrate business expansions seamlessly. The Clientron thin client solution can provide the agility to respond quickly to changes.
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The system of financial companies depends heavily on the stability of its data center; which could not tolerate security breaches from the connected client terminals which resided in each branch offices. Thin client solution will provide secure IT infrastructure to restrict data to be stored in each client terminal and to prevent virus infection through commonly used USB device ports.

As the financial operation grows, the expansion of IT infrastructure will be required to handle business services demanded from the increasing customer base.
thin client for banking solution
System Diagram
thin client system structure for finance solution
  • The thin client infrastructure will strengthen security management of client terminals and ensure business continuity.
  • The effortless installation of thin clients will enable IT infrastructure to respond immediately to changes, such as disaster recovery, hardware failure, or business expansion.
  • The low-cost of thin client devices will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), and gradually decrease company-wide IT operation spending.