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Clientron Falcon600 - The Key to Kingly Kiosks

Clientron's Falcon600 embedded system simplifies kiosk and POS integration while improving reliability and minimizing downtime. A set of features tailor-selected for kiosks and POS systems includes all essentials without requiring external cards and devices to implement essential functions. Rock-solid performance that keeps end-users smiling and providers happy.

Pandemic Safe Self-Checkout for Multiple Applications
We want you safe. The pandemic is not over yet. With COVID-19 spread primarily through contact, many countries still have social distancing measures to limit transmission. For retailers, the most important point is to minimize person-to-person contact as much as possible to avoid spreading the virus. Thus, self-order kiosks are playing an ever more significant role in the shopping experience, not just in grocery stores but in small shops, restaurants, food courts, and cafés as well. Also, the Falcon600 is suitable for fully automated smart vending machines.

rich IO connectors for POS applications

Flawless Operation Creates Satisfied Customers
Downtime is revenue lost. Continuous operation is not a nice-to-have; it's an essential requirement for critical business machines. End-users have become accustomed to stuff that just works. This reliability is a boon for their productivity but also means they're probably less capable of fixing issues on their own. They'll have to call the system supplier. That's a pain for them as they wait for a service rep, and it's an ongoing out-of-pocket expense for the supplier. Customers and integrators are happier if everything is plain-sailing. Set and forget.

The Falcon600’s design eliminates these pains and takes a multi-pronged approach to achieve superior reliability.
  • 8th generation Intel© CPU gives more processing power, with lower overall power consumption compared to previous generations. 
  • Die-cast aluminum chassis wicks away heat from the CPU and disperses it into the surroundings, eliminating failure-prone fans. 
  • Fanless, keeping the system closed, so dust and moisture can't choke the sensitive internal parts, exponentially increasing longevity.
  • Cableless, eliminating internal cables that can shake loose or corrode and instead using sturdier connections.

Easing Integrator System Development
At Clientron, we've worked closely with loads of integrators, seen their struggles, felt their pain, and developed the Falcon600 to put a bigger smile on their dials. In addition to the features already mentioned, we've included a plethora of additional extras that make integration into your design project as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Low-profile 35 mm height  Die-cast aluminum shell small enough to fit in the tightest corners.
  • Frame and VESA mount  Side mounts for installation frame and VESA 100x100 cover the majority of applications.
  • Plenty of peripheral connections 3x RS-232, 6x USB, and RJ-11 handle connectivity to thermal printers, payment devices, NFC readers, and barcode scanners.
  • Display ports VGA and DisplayPort are both included.
  • Network connectivity through WiFi wireless and dual RJ-45 wired network ports. 
  • Remote power switch to turn the kiosk or POS on and off without opening it up.
  • 24 VDC power for printers, so you don’t have to add another power supply to the system OR RJ-45 for a credit card readeror other devices.

Clientron Falcon600 BOX PC - IO Ports


Together, these features work to make the Falcon600 the unseen driving force behind your kiosk or POS. The rock-solid performance, never-tiring operation, and simplicity through good design will take your project to the next level.
About Clientron
For over 35 years, Clientron has designed kiosks and POS for system integrators around the world. We help you get your project from conception to the storefront quicker and easier while providing second-to-none after-sales support.

Clientron was founded in 1983. The company is dedicated in providing highly integrated embedded solution to our clients worldwide.  With more than 35 years experiences in design, manufacturing, and after-sales-service, Clientron offers high quality and technology leading solutions, including POS, Kiosk, Thin Client and Automotive Electronics.  Clientron commits to continuously providing the engineering excellence towards innovative solutions and best services to global partners and customers.  Visit us at .