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公信電子推薦零售業專用高性能POS銷售系統 - Ares755
High-Performance Retail POS - Clientron Ares755

The ultimate high-performance point-of-sale (POS) system for the retail and hospitality industries requires a combination of powerful computing hardware with maintenance-free components that provide desktop-level computing power with all the convenience needed for a retail POS. The Clientron Ares755 is designed from the ground up for POS retail applications that need a little more kick than low-power systems provide.

System Integrators Care About…

Enhanced system performance

At the heart of the Ares755 is a powerful 7th generation Intel® Core or Celeron processor, providing a spread of options to cover various use cases and enabling upgradable performance customization to suit increased processing demands. With powerful processors comes overheating risks, so to counter this, the Ares755 has a fanless design that ensures the system stays cool without utilizing failure-prone and noisy system fans.

To further enhance system performance, up to 16 GB of DDR RAM allows multiple programs to run on the system at any time without bogging down the system or resulting in excessive delays. Finally, SATA III and M.2 quicken the pace by bringing the fastest hard drive connection standards to the table. 

Tool-free I/O expansion

One major frustration for system integrators is making changes to system hardware, especially when this requires a heavy set of tools and fiddling with multiple devices. When installing a new system on location, they want a quick and simple switch. The Ares755 has a clever I/O expansion slot for different I/O expansion cards without needing any tools for installation. Not even a screwdriver. Two cards are available.

  • "Type C" - 1x 24V powered USB, 2x USB 2.0, mic-in, and line-out
  • "Type E" - 4x USB2.0, and COM (via RJ45 with 5V/12V DC). 

Plentiful peripherals 

Easy-to-install peripherals are the best choice for simpler installation and a more stylish final product. Traditional approaches that add every peripheral with large standalone hardware attached with a long cable are unattractive compared to integrated extras. The Ares755 has a range of peripherals available that connect seamlessly to the main system. These include:
  • 1D/2D barcode scanner
  • Magnetic stripe reader
  • i-Button reader
  • RFID reader
  • Fingerprint reader
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
This comprehensive selection covers the vast majority of typical retail POS client needs.

Low-hassle installation

The greatest frustration for frontline employees installing retail POS systems is performing maintenance on hard-to-reach parts, especially the system internals. Usually, hard drives are difficult to replace, requiring opening the system case, unscrewing the hard drives, then replacing them. The use of hard drive cloning, which saves untold hours installing new operating systems, makes having an easily swappable hard drive necessary. On the Ares755, hard drive swaps are super simple because the system has an easy-access 2.5" SSD bay for easy installation and maintenance.

Jumper-free settings

People unfamiliar with the retail POS industry might not know how difficult it is to flip a simple switch. Selecting the voltage on DC-powered COM ports usually requires opening up the system and not just flipping a switch but removing and replacing tiny jumpers in hard-to-reach spaces on the system motherboard. The Ares755 solves this by eliminating the jumpers and placing the 5V/12V DC COM power selection in the BIOS settings. Turn on the system and make the change without opening up the computer and digging through the electronics.

Multiple mounting options

The Ares755 has standard VESA mounting. That may seem bland, but with the ubiquitous use of VESA as the defacto mounting standard, it covers any installation requirement. Clientron also provides mounting stands.The desktop stand places the system on the desktop and is the simplest and most common approach. The long arm mount option provides a massive range of movement, can be attached almost anywhere near the counter and can be moved in multiple directions with ease. 

End Users Care About…

Slim and modern design

Powerful internals make the system tick, but the external parts make the day-to-day use a dream. On the employee side, the tempered glass screen saves minutes every day. The 6H toughness is scratchproof, so wipedowns and everyday swiping on the optional multi-touch display won't leave unsightly scuffs. With cleanliness in mind, the bezel-free design eliminates corners where dust and grime usually build up and make it difficult to clean. Finally, the screen is IP64, so small splashes and the moisture from cleaning will not get into the system and cause havoc with sensitive electronics components.

Customer-facing display

For retail customers, a clear view of the products they've bought is their primary concern. Two different customer-facing display options are available for the Ares755 retail POS to meet varied uses-cases. The basic option is VFD, typically used to display information in text form, such as item description and price during checkout. The fancier option, the preferred customer display option, is the 8" or 9.7" bezel-free display that provides a full-color experience that allows for more detailed information, including images, for a more interactive and exciting customer experience.

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