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案例分享: M.A.C Cosmetics 採用公信電子 PT6100銷售系統
Clientron PT6100 Meets M.A.C Cosmetics with Delightful Design

M.A.C Cosmetics started business in Toronto, Canada. They are the master of beauty with high taste of aesthetic, so everything in the store should be perfectly aligned with the distinguished M.A.C. style. Now, they wanted to find a new POS system for the stores in Brisbane, Australia, and PT6100 just showed up to be the best fit for M.A.C.
The M.A.C stores in Brisbane would like to replace the old POS system with a more stylish one, and it’s not a hands-down decision to make for M.A.C to find a POS system with high efficiency, high compatibility, and outstanding design. Most importantly, all these features of the POS system should be cost-effective at a reasonable price. Definitely, PT6100 was arguably the best option for M.A.C stores in Brisbane.
There are plenty of features when it comes to POS systems, but few have the potential to impact the overall look and feel of your shop more than the PT6100 POS terminal. The fanless design with aluminum chassis makes PT6100 not only a POS system but an ornament of your store, and a bezel-free customer display makes it stand out in front of your patron. IP64 water & dust-proof allows you to just spray and wipe and bright up your store every day. Besides, PT6100 is also equipped with the power of the Intel® processor, so by adopting that you will have a high-performance POS system at a decent price.
Flexible Installation 
VESA mount supports pole-mounted, wall mount, ceiling mount, swivel mount, so basically you could place PT6100 anywhere you want. 
Breathtaking Design
The Challenge M.A.C faced was to find a designing and panache POS system. And that’s just the benefits of having PT6100 in-store, an all-in-one panel PC style with exquisite black design.
IP64 dust & spill resistant for front bezel to extend product life

Hands-on Maintenance 
Smart housing design is for easy installation and maintenance by simply remove the case and insert the hard drive or memory card to fix any issues or update the system. 
Tailored Solution 
Finding the best way to match your business needs with multiple choices from power-efficient to high-performance Intel® processors.   

Screen built-in thick tempered glass with 6H degree hardness for scratch-proof
Peripheral Compatibility  
The beautiful truth is that you don’t need to replace any peripheral devices once adopting PT6100. We cover various devices including barcode scanners, MSR, smart card readers, fingerprint readers, and iButton.   
Unforgettable Service
We will always take on the challenge and make every endeavor to find the best solution for our clients. We take after-selling service as seriously as pre-selling and that’s one of the reasons why we stand out in the eyes of M.A.C.
M.A.C “decorated” the stores in Brisbane with cost-effectiveness PT6100 to enjoy a smooth paying process, compatibility with peripherals and software, robust security system, flexible value-added rewards program, and stylish outlook. In a nutshell, the outstanding design of PT6100 won over the heart of M.A.C, but the cost-performance ratio helps them make the final decision.
Thereby, a highly acclaimed product PT6100 reflects the commitment of Clientron to provide high-quality, innovative, and technology-leading solutions to global partners.
About Clientron
For over 35 years, Clientron has designed kiosks and POS for system integrators around the world. We help you get your project from conception to the storefront quicker and easier while providing second-to-none after-sales support.
Clientron was founded in 1983. The company is dedicated to providing highly integrated embedded solutions to our clients worldwide.  With more than 35 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and after-sales service, Clientron offers high-quality and technology-leading solutions, including POS, Kiosk, Thin Client, and Automotive Electronics.  Clientron commits to continue providing engineering excellence towards innovative solutions and the best services to global partners and customers.  Visit us at