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公信電子推出窄邊時尚寬屏POS銷售系統 - PT2700
A Cutting-edge POS System with Slim Edge Bezel- Clientron Unveils PT2700

Remarkable Design with Portrait Mode Onset

There are plenty of features when it comes to choosing a POS system, and stylish might be the key decision to purchase a POS system considering that all the hardware looks the same. Clientron unveils the latest POS system-PT2700 with a slim edge bezel and bezel-free touch display to shine the overall fanless design. Most importantly, PT2700 supports portrait screen mode which enhances the ability to transform a POS system into a self-service Kiosk. This is especially crucial under the circumstances of COVID-19 to reduce as much as possible human interaction in every customer-related premises.

slim edge POS system
Slim desigh 4.1mm

Outstanding Specs and Innovative Mechanical Design

If you are hardcore for technical specifications, PT2700 will not let you down as it is equipped with Intel® 8th Whiskey Lake Core™ I Processor which is among the higher level of POS system. With the exquisite mechanical design, PT2700 is capable of handling the easy access dual M.2 SSD storage slot that is simple to replace or insert M.2 SSD in the terminal. In terms of flash memory, PT2700 is built with dual DRAM that maximizes the memory to 64GB which is suitable for those who need to run multiple programs simultaneously.


A Cutting-edge POS System with Slim Edge Bezel- Clientron Unveils PT2700

Rich I/O Interface with TYPE C Supported

For better compatibility, PT2700 is embedded with dual TYPE C ports, and one of them is able to support DP output. Therefore, it is possible to expand three screens to display at the same time which allows you to do several tasks with multi-screen for enhancing the ability to provide better service. Furthermore, with TYPE C integrated into PT2700, it upgrades the speed of data transmission and increases the efficiency of charging devices while needed.

Fully Coverage of Wireless Connections

With 4G LTE mini-SIM and WiFi connection supported, PT2700 truly enhanced the mobility of the POS system and it could easily choose WiFi or 4G network for a better wireless connection and coverage. Now, you can do business everywhere and even start planning on a pop-up shop to promote your brand and enlarge your revenue with PT2700 in hand.

Main Features of PT2700

  • Slim edge bezel and portrait mode supported
  • Solid aluminum die-casting rear cover with fanless design
  • Power-efficient Intel® Whiskey Lake Core™ I Processor
  • Easy access M.2 SSD for installation and maintenance
  • Expand to 64GB memory with dual DRAM
  • Embedded dual Type C input (One supports DP output)
  • Integrated 4G mini-SIM and WIFI connection
  • Optional VFD & 9.7” or 15.6" attached customer display
  • Optional MSR, iButton, fingerprint, 2D scanner, and RFID

If you are looking for a stylish POS system with high value and reasonable price, Clientron’s latest POS system-PT2700 will be the smart choice for you and your business.

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