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公信電子推出窄邊時尚寬屏POS銷售系統螢幕 – PM7000
Clientron Slim-edge Wide-screen POS Monitor – PM7000

Clientron Corp., the global POS system provider, releases a new slim-edge and wide-screen POS monitor - PM7000 available for being a standalone or the second screen monitor.

For being the standalone monitor, PM7000, allows you to connect with a computer through Type-C port to become a professional POS system. PM7000 supports a wide range of peripherals such as MSR, iButton, 2D scanner, and fingerprint, so you can instantly upgrade your service to a higher level without buying a new POS system. PM7000 can potentially transform the POS system into a full-service self-checkout KIOSK since it supports portrait mode.

portrait mode

The sleek surface monitor, PM7000, comes with the design of a slim-edge & bezel-free touch display, thereby giving you a brand new shinning counter to light up your store. Meanwhile, the wide-screen monitor with full HD quality and aluminum housing makes the monitor even more appealing to everyone. Furthermore, PM7000 hides the OSD button at the bottom edge of the screen to maximize the touching space, and it is equipped with P-CAP touch technology to enhance the reliability of the touch screen.

For being the second screen, PM7000 can be a customer-face touch display with Full HD supported that creates a wonderful in-store experience for the customer and increases the loyalty accordingly. Also, PM7000 can use Type-C as the power supply instead of a 12V DC jack, which saves more space on the counter. As the second screen, PM7000 is capable of adding value to your existing POS system with all the enhancing features.

If you are looking for a standalone monitor or the second screen, Clientron’s latest monitor - PM7000 is available now, and it will be the best choice for you and your business.

Main Features of PM7000:

  • 15.6” TFT Full HD LCD, 350nits
  • Slim edge bezel 
  • Aluminum housing design
  • Hidden OSD control buttons
  • Support portrait screen mode
  • Type C USB interface
  • 75*75 VESA, pole, or stand available
  • Optional MSR, iButton, fingerprint, 2D scanner, and RFID


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