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Choosing the Clientron PSL540 as a Bakery Self-Checkout Kiosk
a bakery store self-checkout kiosk

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants are closed as few people eat out to reduce the human touch. Bakeries were also affected. However, self-checkout kiosks can help bakeries avoid the problem of the human touch. The Clientron POS system PSL540 has a space-saving design that can be easily converted into a self-service mini-KIOSK and be reverted to a typical POS system after the epidemic slows down. For bakeries, it's a brilliant idea to use the versatile PSL540 POS system instead of setting up an actual KIOSK in the store.
Challenge for Bakery
Bakery spaces are usually small, so the bakeries need self-service KIOSKs that can be installed in limited space to keep a safe social touch-distanced environment.  And more, small bakeries need affordable kiosks with basic POS features like checkout, cashier, and inventory, so the best solution for bakeries is to find a flexible & functional POS system, which can be a small self-service KIOSK with POS features inside.
Features of PSL540
PSL540 - 14” all-in-one printer POS terminal is built with an innovative and fanless design featuring a power-efficient Intel® Celeron® N3160 Quad-Core that runs the POS system smoothly.
Self-service KIOSK
With VESA mount supported, PSL540 can turn into a self-service KIOSK, and the pole mount can be installed in the terminal at a proper height to fit the space of the bakery.
Embedded Scanner and Printer
The scanner and thermal printer are embedded in the PSL540 for product scanning, e-payment transaction, and receipt printing, so the whole transaction process can be done by the customers themselves.
Peripherals Supported
PSL540 is capable of connecting the magnetic stripe reader (MSR), RFID, VFD, and 4.3" 2nd display to provide the bakery with various additional functions.
Dust & Water Proof
PSL540 has an IP64 level of water & dust proof, and a scratch-resistant display, so you can clean the screen by wiping it with a cloth for simple disinfection.

Your best partner PSL540
It will save cashier staff costs and provide customers with a safe social distance if the bakery chooses the PSL540 POS system to handle the self-checkout process. People will enjoy having fresh bread without worrying about the COVID-19 virus. For more information about PSL540, please check the product link:

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