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公信電子推出3.5英寸Apollo Lake單板電腦,為您整合智能工業解決方案

Consolidate your Intelligent Industrial Solutions with Clientron's 3.5-inch Apollo Lake SBC

With the advent of Industry 4.0, the traditional manufacturing model and market demand have undergone major changes. The existing industrial computer equipment will face transformational pressure and must become more power-efficient, smaller, and easier to mount or integrate with other devices. 

Today Clientron releases the 3.5" single board computer: Saber-AL-3500 to fulfill the demands from different vertical  markets when we saw the industrial market demand and understood the technical requirements.  

The Saber-AL-3500 is powered by Intel® Atom™ E39xx Apollo Lake processors family, main features are: Triple Displays, Rich COM Ports, Wide Temperature, Wide Voltage… etc., which is suitable for industrial vertical market targeting at factory automation, smart parking, food industry, smart building and etc.

Triple Displays


The Saber-AL-3500 offers significant graphics performance by enabling three simultaneous displays with independent DisplayPort, HDMI and eDP outputs.

Rich COM Ports



The Saber-AL-3500 has fully integrated flexible I/O for more expansion and connectivity, which enables end customer to connecting and controlling more devices. It’s suitable for applications such as: Building Automation, Industrial Automation Electric Control Panel… etc.

Wide Temperature


The Saber-AL-3500 guaranteed to run stably and smoothly in the harsh industrial environment from -40°C to 85°C with Clientron’s reliable and fanless SBC.

Wide Voltage


The Saber-AL-3500 with onboard Intel® Atom™ E39xx processor family features 9V~30V DC wide voltage input that makes it suitable for industrial automation applications with varying voltage input requirements.


The Saber-AL-3500 is the perfect platform for industrial automation applications requiring a small form factor to fit in space-limited factory environments.
For more information, please feel free to visit Saber-AL-3500 Single Board Computer.