Company Overview



The business of the main departments

Major departmentMain business duties
  1. Evaluate the internal control system
  2. Formulate an audit plan
  3. Perform an internal audit
  4. Make suggestions for improvement
President Office
  1. Management policy guidelines assessment, planning and system development and other related matters
  2. The tracking and management on the implementation progress of annual plan in various departments
  3. Project promotion and management
Administration Div.
  1. The co-ordination of corporate accounting processing, collection and analysis on the implementation of cost data
  2. Planning and implementation of the company's financial management and fund scheduling business
  3. Financial statements compilation and establishment and analysis of management financial data
  4. The integrated management on planning, implementation of the company taxation and compliance with various tax laws
  5. Import and export declarations business
  6. Personnel management, asset management, industrial safety fire prevention
  7. Management and maintenance of information systems
  8. IT System Project Management
Logistics Mgt. Div.
  1. 1. Procurement management and policy formulation
  2. Annual procurement plan formulation and implementation
  3. Establishment of raw materials management system
  4. Production scheduling control, production and marketing coordination
  5. Warehouse Management
  6. Outsourcing and supplier management
Sales Div.
  1. Customer maintenance, development and product promotion
  2. Develop marketing business strategy, business objectives
  3. Product after-sales service and customer technical support
  4. Analyze international market changes
Product Div.
  1. Product marketing planning and marketing channel integration
  2. Product development progress control
  3. Marketing promotion, formulation of marketing strategy
  4. Product design, development, change process management
  5. Product cost structure and profit analysis
  6. Document file and database system maintenance
Product Div.
  1. Evaluate the internal control system
  2. Formulate an audit plan
  3. Perform an internal audit
  4. Make suggestions for improvement
R&D Div.
  1. New product research, development, testing
  2. Set the research and development strategy.
  3. Planning on new technology research and development direction and new product development direction
  4. Develop product development plans to determine the direction of technology research and development
  5. Patent application
Manufacturing Div.
  1. Implement, achieve production goals.
  2. Process improvement
  3. The development and maintenance of process SOP
  4. Production cost control
  1. 1. Quality assurance system established
  2. Import, implementation and maintenance of ISO systems
  3. Leading internal auditing and external certification
  4. Inspection management
  5. The establishment of quality standards