Clientron Corp. provides repair service for products manufactured and sold by Clientron when the product malfunctions due to defective materials/parts under normal use while under warranty period.

In Warranty RMA    ( download RMA Request Form )

Clientron will not provide repair service for the following situations

including but not limited to while under warranty period.

  1. Products that Clientron does not manufacture.
  2. Product malfunctions are caused by improper use, man-made damage, or force majeure.
  3. Products that are modified without prior authorization by Clientron.
  4. Product damages caused by transportation.
For under warranty RMA, please follow the below procedure
  1. Please complete the RMA Request Form with a detailed description of failure symptoms, model name, system serial number, MAC address, and quantity.
  2. Clientron will provide the RMA number when the RMA Request Form is checked and approved.
  3. Please provide the shipping document (Invoice and packing List) for final RMA approval before returning the RMA to Clientron.
  4. After Clientron receives the RMA, Clientron will proceed with the repair at the agreed period.

Service Process




Validate the warranty & issue the RMA number

Send shipping document

Confirm the document & check the shipping document

Return to Clientron

Inspection CID | NDF | Repairing

RMA repair service

Return to customer

Receive product

RMA Charge


Within Warranty

Out Of Warranty

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Shipping fee
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